Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dexcom, Is it worth it?

I was really wanting to try the DexCom, or the Seven Plus...

But, I am a little hesitant. I am not sure if it REALLY is worth the money.

I know when it comes to diabetes, MONEY shouldn't be an issue, nor should the trouble!!

So, I want to hear from diabetics/parents who have this or who tried it.. I really think that this would be a good thing for Mattie now, since she is as she says "Pre Teen" that means she can be mouthy, without getting into trouble. So she thinks !!

Mattie is experiencing highs, and then some real quick lows, and when she gets below 100 then she can trigger into epileptic seizures. Hopefully it can help her through this PUBERTY period.

So, PLEASE any ideas welcome!!

Oh, I am so thankful to have ALL of you for support and encouragement DAILY!!


  1. I would say talk to the diabetes educator and get her take on it also the endo . I dont do the pump and I wish you luck with it . I hope someone else can help you though , I wish I could . I am still doing mdis . Have a great everning and god bless .

  2. Well...we tried Nav...

    It became more of a stressor than I was willing to handle, so it's sitting in the closet. In the end, our insurance company wouldn't renew the sensors, so we couldn't have kept using it even if we wanted to.

    In our situation, it was accurate 20 minutes behind real time -- never caught the lows because it took 20 minutes for the sensor to catch up to her actual blood sugar.

  3. We haven't used them...

    So I'm just going to say "HI!"

  4. Well Hi to you too Meri!!

    Thanks so much for your advice, this helps.. I guess my next thing is to keep discussing it w/our Endo and then maybe talk with a Dexcom Specialist!!

    You guys are great!!