Monday, November 9, 2009

Glucerna ??

Mattie and I are having a bit of a problem with CONSTANT HIGHS.
I test Mattie every night around 3am, like last night she was 153 3am. When I woke her up this morning at 6 am she was 248!!! REALLY
So, here is our schedule:
We test at 8:30 and make sure blood sugars are about 150 before bed time.
Test at 3am,
Wake up and test 6am
Mattie goes to school at 8
Test sugars again @ 9am (usually ALWAYS HIGH)
Test 12pm for lunch
Test 3pm before she leaves home from school
Test 5pm for dinner
Test by 8pm again.
We are testing sometimes in between these time, in cases of lows or EXTREME HIGHS.
Most of the time right now, we are just high. She is always running in the 200 + range, and I am frustrated.
I kept asking her if she may be sneaking some food, or she just didn't wash her hands before she tested.
Mattie is 11 and yes, going through PUBERTY, not easy for any kid, let alone a diabetic. I did read that puberty can make the blood sugars high, but ALWAYS and SO HIGH?
I am not sure of what else to try, I have adjusted her carb ratio's down, and too afraid to keep going down. We have changed her Lantus dose too. So, that is why I got Glucerna!
I am not sure if this stuff works, but I thought it would be worth the try, and maybe we could stop some of these HIGH'S.
Any thoughts???
Please HELP!!


  1. Thanks for your comment. :) It's really nice to meet you! My (almost) 12 year old boy is going through puberty too, and my endo warned me...get ready for higher sugars...ALL the time. And she was right...and I am constantly adjusting basel rates and carb ratios. With all my diabetics, after breakfast numbers are the hardest to control. I can get them to wake up perfect, I can get them to arrive at lunch perfect, it's the in between that is all over the place.

    So in and your daughter are normal...and you are doing great! (Hope it's ok that I add you to my blog roll :)

  2. Meri,
    It is so nice to meet you too!! Thanks so much for your response, it is calming to know I am not alone!!


  3. Sounds like you are doing great! Jada's high point of the day is usually between breakfast and lunch, too. Her insulin to carb ratio is really high for breakfast. 1:15 compared to 1:35 at other meals.
    I'm counting on all my D-mom friends to help me get through puberty when we arrive at that point!

  4. Hi my name is Nicole and I have a 3 year old who is T1 and loves Glucerna! Actually she just had a bottle for lunch with an egg omelet. It works great for Cara her numbers are great when she uses it. Good luck and I'm not looking forward to a pubescent diabetic, I'm having a hard enough time with my non diabetic 12 year old! :)