Thursday, December 3, 2009

OOH Mattie

For that last FIVE years,
Mattie has been:

6am Test blood
9am Test blood
12pm Test blood
3pm Test blood
6pm Test blood
8pm Test blood

NONE of these testing times has EVER changed!!!

OOH, by my little Mattie thought that she could pull a fast one on me... HAHA
So, we started back to school on Monday, after Thanksgiving break...
I asked her what her blood sugar was @ 3.... DEAD SILENCE!!! HUH

OK, "Mattie it is important to test @ 3, that way when your walking home from school, you won't DROP!!!"

Mattie " OK, I will do it tomorrow"

Tomorrow came, and again NO TEST @ 3.....
So, this time I said " Mattie you know better, so if you don't test again before you leave from school, you will not have any computer time, cell phone time, or friends!!"

We ALWAYS have friends at our house, so I knew this would KILL HER!! sneaky huh?

SO, Wednesday... " Did you test" DEAD SILENCE AGAIN!!

Yep, I stuck to it!! She couldn't use computer, text ... she was miserable. She pouted all night long, and woos me, " i never get to have anything fun" Mattie asked me to call and remind her to test her blood. I explained to her that when she is at home, dad and I do all her diabetes, reminders, shots, drawing it up, going over numbers.... and the fact that she has already been doing this for years. There is no difference.

I know it must be so hard, it is hard on me to remember all that we have to do with her diabetes, and my own job, and then coming home and dinner, homework... laundry, shopping, cleaning... but Mattie we ALL JUST DO IT!! Being sad isn't going to change the time you test, it's not going to change your pancreas, it WON'T CHANGE ANYTHING. So, I told her have your moment, that is fine.. I don't blame you, but test when your supposed to so you can live a happy long life.

I told her that she is now 11 almost 12, going into Jr. High... and at some point whether she likes it or not,. she will have to be MORE RESPONSIBLE for her diabetes. I will ALWAYS be there and can help, but.. ultimately as a parent.. it is my job to teach her, and guide her.

Cute Mattie woke up this morning a bit high.. and she said,
"Well here is to another day, and I am lucky to have this day." OOHH I love her!!

I did threaten her too, I told her that if I had to quit my job, sell our house and follow her around school ALL DAY LONG, that I would in a heart beat. Just to make sure she is healthy. I get this umph from my mom!!

K, bye for now!! :)


  1. Ahhh - poor Mattie. You absolutely did the right thing but my heart just goes out to her. I am sure we will all go through these stages with all of our D kids. How can they help it - ??? It doesn't seem fair!

    Good for you for sticking to your guns!

    BTW - I love her name! My great-grandmother's name was Mattie Mae and I loved her to pieces. She passed at the age of 99. She was amazing!!!

  2. yes you did do the right thing and yes she does need to learn to manage on her own and that is great that you have a partner in her dad for her d things . I never had that , it all fell on me cause he was no where in the picture his dad I mean . anyways yes make her do this now and it saves problems later . I swear it does .

  3. I can so see myself having this same conversation with Justin in a few years. Gotta love em though... they sure know how to keep us going:)