Friday, December 4, 2009


So yesterday when I got off work around 3:30ish I called Mattie...

YEP... she tested her blood at 3:00 like she was supposed too. She was so proud of herself too, and so was I.

Mattie said " it feel so good when you do the right thing" The rest of the night she was very positive and motivated about her diabetes.

The hardest part for us now, is the PUBERTY....

It has hit and is very strange, no real pattern, so it has been hard to pinpoint a starting point to fix. We are just up testing during the night, and lots of tests during the day.

So far so good, she hasn't had any DENIAL issues, I hear a lot of people say that the kids go through that and they go through it hard. Mattie has faced it head on and just keeps her chin up, and strives forward. I hope this continues, I really don't want to fight with her about it.

I wonder how long it lasts?
I have heard puberty can last for up to 4 years!! Not sure though, her next endocrine appt is in January, and we will see then.

The other thing I have been pondering is,
"Do I give her too much responsibility?"

I am not sure if I give her too much or not enough.... If I give her more now, is it going to be a negative effect or a positive effect..... HMMMM


  1. I think that it is up to us parents to teach our kids responsibilty in a positive way and I think you are doing fine .

  2. Yah Mattie!!!

    And I'm doing puberty too with J. He is 12 and just starting, and I already am not a fan of how it affect his numbers.

    BOO puberty!

  3. I am not looking forward to the teen years...for so many reasons!

    I just launched a new blog called D-Mom Blog, which I hope is a resource to other parents of diabetic children. I hope to develop relationships with more parents.

    (I've included you in my blogroll already.)

    D-Mom Blog


    The teen years can be a challenge, as can puberty - which does a number on the blood sugars ! Keep the line of communication open - that really helps!
    Looking forward to reading more adventures about You and "Magnificent Maddie!"
    Kelly K