Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I feel like I have been lost!

Well, wow it is now December and X-MAS is just around the corner. I hope every one is enjoying the holidays.

We are, Mattie left on 11-20 to see her dad in Texas... Yep, I cried when she left on the plane..

She did good though, she tested before she got on and was 176.. PERFECT for flying. Then when she got off she was 218... not too bad.

Mattie spent a week with her dad and step mom and three little sisters. Lots of fun and playing. They did OK with her blood sugars, I feel that her step mom just doesn't think its a big deal.

On Thanksgiving Day Mattie feel off a GO Cart.. (Mattie is clumsy) and she fractured her wrist. Her dad called and told me, and I explained to him that she will spill Ketones and have high sugars. he said " well she is already been way high, so it will be OK"
Then her step mom said "why are you having all these highs"
Mattie said " well, anytime I have trauma to my body my sugars spike"
her step mom says " Mattie, your fracture has nothing to do with your blood sugars"

REALLY???? and you would know this HOW? UUUMMM HELLO!!!

It drives me absolutely BATTY when people say things like this. They do not do nor KNOW the things Mattie and I do. Mattie is SO AMAZING, and so smart.. she counts her own carbs, she has given her self her own shots since she was 6... she KNOWS how her body is acting, and what it will do.

Oh, well.. it's over and done with. One day I will get my chance to explain to them.

Mattie came home on 11-26 and I have her blood sugars back down to normal and things are going pretty good for her. I have to take her back in to have her wrist looked at.. I should have asked her dad to get me the paper work and x-rays... but, DUH I forgot.

It is still pretty swollen and sore, so we will check it out.

I want more than anything for Mattie to have a relationship with her dad and his family, but I don't want to share at the same time. UUGHHH

Other than that, we are doing good and getting ready for Santa to come to our house... and Santa is behind schedule... as always.


  1. hey heidi I went through the same thing with my ex my oldest ones dad . He still could not learn after three yrs how to give Jack his shots so finally got it when the judge threatened to snag his visitation rights because he was putting his child in danger .So If I were you I would inform her dad that if his wife so chooses to keep saying her snide remarks you will have the judge remind him and her both that they are responsible for the childs health . I would also ask her if her child has t1 and how in the blue blazes she would know that t1 does not get effected by injury to the body . I just want to slap people like this and tell them to snap out of it you dont know what the bleep , bleep you are talking about !!! Oh sorry got on soap box . lol !!! God bless you for having to put up with ppl like that . Have a great day . My sista from another mista .

  2. She made it home safe and sound so that is a blessing for sure. I know how hard it must have been to put her on that plane.

    Heck, I'm even proud of her for knowing her body so well..and I'm not even her step mom! Your daughter is amazing! Good luck with Christmas...I'm behind too. :(

  3. Ok- I just want to smack both of them for you! It makes me crazy when people think it's no big deal! I'm sure it must have been really hard for you to put her on the plane. I'm proud of you! You're a strong lady! Here's hoping the wrist gets better soon and you get some holiday stuff done!