Friday, February 26, 2010


I know, I really need to get better about blogging... I have so much to say and you would think I would say it.. but, LIFE HAPPENS!!!

We are redoing our basement, I dance, dance, dance... never home, teaching is taking its toll, then my sweet kids broke our toilet, and yep that's my chaos in a nut shell!

So, I have seen a lot of you asking about sleepovers. These are some of the things that we have done that worked and were found helpful. I know that some of your kids are getting into the age where they want to have sleepovers, or even go to a different friends house.


It's hard there is no getting around that.
So, Mattie was 6 and newly diagnosed, 1st grade was exciting and fun with cute friends. I would have Mattie invite her friends over to our house, just to play...
So, I could see how well they reacted to her when she has to stop and test or when she is low etc.. Once I knew how this friend was going to be, we would have her sleep over, and yes they are CRAZY, WILD and SILLY GIRLS!!
LOUD and oh my very LOUD...

The other really important thing is EDUCATION... we didn't shy away from our friends, I wanted Mattie to be who she is in front of them. We tested with them, gave shots every thing with her cute friends and we also explained the WHYS, WHAT, WHEN, HOWS!! All the while we were getting acquainted with our friends parents too, and ALL of them were super and willing to be apart of Mattie!! PHEW

We would talk to them about how she acts different when low or high, we were always answering questions, until NOW!! They get it!

After dad and I felt comfortable,. we would allow Mattie a play day at her house. I would drop her off and told Mattie to call WHENEVER she ATE or felt funny..we also wouldn't go anywhere just in case she needed us FAST. The parents would call and ask if she could eat something or do something, which was nice. The parents got to trust Mattie as well, they would know " OK, Mattie is not lying she really can eat this or that" and that was important too. Mattie has been pretty good about following the rules! funny thing is the first time I dropped her off, all by her little self. I sat in my car three houses down and cried. I wanted her all to my self.

Mind you this was ALL of 1st grade, I really don't think she spent the night at a friends house til about 3rd or 4th grade.. But WOW we sure had lots of sleep overs at my house!!
We discussed the RULES!!

1. 15 carbs 15 minutes later
2. Always a liquid first
3. Call MOM
4. Wash your hands before testing
5. Test and test some more

Yes, we did have some slip ups,... and then there were no play dates, and no sleepovers. I would explain to her that she gets those things when she is showing responsibility for herself. The hardest part is letting go, letting them be independent and feel NORMAL. Mattie did make some mistakes, but a long the way she gained FREEDOM for herself and a sense of pride.

Just two sat's ago, she spent the night at my uncles house. He asked her if she wanted some coke, and Mattie tested and was a bit high, she said " no, I will just have water." Then in the morning her blood sugar was 72... so she measured 4oz of juice drank it and waited 15 minutes... all the while they asked her if she wanted to eat yet, "no, my sugar is low so I have to wait"

When I went to get her my uncle came out and told me how amazing she is and responsible...
Mattie was beaming ear to ear, she was so excited that she did the right things, and she said " I feel so good and now my sugars are going to be good all day"

We have also had " Mom, I'm at 300 and were eating, it's pizza." me "well here is the insulin and you HAVE TO wait 30 minutes to eat" mattie "Mom, no" crying blah blah blah... " Mattie if you can't follow the rules, you will come home and I will babysit you!!" mattie " Fine" Click.. yep she would hang up on me!!
I let it go, I didn't go get her and I didn't get mad. I don't blame her for her frustrations. When she got home we just talked about how it was and how hanging up is not NICE!!

Or she has also eaten with out calling me.. Kev would get mad that the parents didn't call us, and I would explain to him that WE are her parents and Mattie is the diabetic... it's our responsibility to teach her and guide her to be responsible. Although, we would talk with the parents and make sure they knew Mattie has to call before eating.

Mattie has chosen good friends and all of the parents are good to work with, we have the confidence in Mattie to do what is right, and we know that she is still a kid and will make mistakes. Sleepovers are a part of a kids life and I hope this helps, I probably rambled on more than I needed too!!

Questions? just ask!!

Friday, February 5, 2010


Hey my dear friends,

Are any of you on Facebook? If so how can I find you ?

Any way... I didn't get to watch the Oprah show yesterday... totally sad about that.
Unfortunately I have to work, every stinky day...

I work Mon-Friday 7am to 3:30... and it's day's like today when I feel like a HORRIBLE parent.

WHY, you ask

Mattie was up all night long w/Ketones and high sugars. Her legs and feet are really swollen too.
So, when Mattie is up all night long, so is MOMMY and DADDY... we try to take turns in helping her out, w/testing and testing ketones. We are big COMMUNICATORS at my house, so all three of us last night were discussing options and how's and whys... then Mr. Brohlen.. decided to run a small fever.

So, now here I am feeling sorry for myself because, I AM AT WORK!!!

I am sooo tired, stressed and have severe anxiety. I have to leave and come to work and have Mattie fend for herself.

Yes, I do have FMLA... but, my BOSS who is a not very nice word... DOESN'T UNDERSTAND

Like most peeps we know in America. Not that its her fault, but she just thinks that it's easy and no big deal. It is a big deal, its my child, my life, Mattie is my entire world... I function with her and would not function with out her. When our kids hurt we hurt with them. I have ofter prayed to get diabetes, then I would better understand and Mattie wouldn't be alone.

My boss makes comments like:

"its always something isn't Heidi"
rolls her eyes at me
One time I called her and said Mattie was extremely high Julie said " Whatever" and hu on me. She makes me feel like a bad parent for wanting to take care of my child. She has told me that Mattie's is old enough now that she needs to start being more responsible and to take care of her self, and be more active in her care.

REALLY?? I know my hair went up in flames at that moment. How dare she say such a thing to me, how dare she think Mattie doesn't do enough...

Julie has healthy happy and cute girls, she has no idea what it's like to be a diabetic and a diabetic going through puberty or life in general.

She is heartless and mean... and I am going to have to stand up to her, I guess I just don't know how to. My mom is terrific.. and very understanding, and she has a job that can allow her to help if need be, so it's nice to know I can still call my MOMMY when I need her and she will in a heartbeat, pick up my princess and take care of her. My family is good w/Mattie and they take her and have fun w/her and they have learned w/us all along the way.. See big communicators!

OK, I am done... I have lots to be grateful for, and lots of love... I just feel like I am the only mom that has to work and I had a pity party. MOVING ON!!
Sorry for the temper tantrum. Hope you will let me be your friend on facebook... oh Mattie is a cute facebooker too!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Injection Sites

The first day we brought Mattie home from the hospital she insisted on doing ALL of it by herself. I was proud and sad at the same time. We decided that it's her body and she can and we will just watch her and how she does it.

So, she has been doing her own injections, testing, ketones, everything. Every once in a while I will just do it for her, but for the most part she is very ACTIVE in her diabetes. We do have the occasional TEMPER TANTRUM... and the I just don't want to's....

I noticed on her belly that she has a weird little bulge... at first I thought oh PUBERTY... you pack on the pounds for the other fun stuff, but the closer I looked I realized it is scar tissue.

Mattie hasn't been rotating her injection shots. Yeah.. MOM and DAD good eye.. oh were nerds.
Instead of getting mad, I asked her " When your at school where do you do your shots?"
she said " In my belly, it's the easiest and then I don't have to leave class"


I explained to her how important it is to change the sites...
♦ When rotating sites you don't develop the scar tissue,
♦ less bruising,
♦ when you do it in a diff spot, the absorption is better.
♦ when you do it in your belly and the EXACT spot over and over... your injecting into the scar tissue and it is taking your body longer to react to the insulin.

This could explain some of the HIGHS we have been dealing with, but not ALL.
We decided on a pattern to use,

Breakfast: Belly... it has the fastest absorption and she prob won't spike.
Lunch: Arm, either one is fine. She can still give it in class.
Dinner: Leg...
Lantus: Bumm!!!

Snacks.. the alternating leg and arm. Poor thing had forgotten all about changing her sites. It's always good to refresh our memories. We get into such routines or habits that we don't even notice.

Does any know if the scar tissue ever goes away?

I am hoping with time it will, but if not... that's just who she is and we still LOVE HER!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Thank you (((HUG))

Thank you so much for every one's comments. It really has helped me out a lot.

We are still undecided as to which one:



But, we will figure it out. I am just truly grateful for every one's help and input. I love that we can use each others experiences to gain knowledge in our own lives. There is not one easy thing about being a DIABETIC or taking care of one. But, the easy part is this!!

The blogs!
We have a place for each other, and that is the best!
Mattie and I thank you again for all you do!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Insulin Pumps??

I am looking into insulin pumps.

A couple of years ago Mattie was able to get on a pump, and her doctor got us all hooked up w/and Animas rep. The rep came to my house and sat with Mattie and I for about an hour, and then we were on our own.

It was like being newly diagnosed again... I put the pump on her and we monitored her. A few times of changing the sights we noticed Mattie would swell at her insertion sites. So, I just watched it and thought when I take her to her appt we will ask about the swelling. In the meantime Mattie has SEVERE highs and then Lows. She would crash so fast, than it would trigger her Epilepsy and was a NIGHTMARE!

The school was terrified as well as I. Went to the doc, and he said that "Yes, she can have infections develop in the sites, and sometimes the cannula can get kinked inside." He mentioned that it is a hard time to adjust and get used to the pump. SO, we stuck w/it and we had TWO episodes of DKA.. and hospital visits.

So, I said no more. I really felt negative about the pumps, and thought how in the world does every one else do it. I started asking around and heard that some people say they have had a hard time w/pumps and some say they were just fine. I guess it was just US?

Mattie is starting Jr. High, and I want to make things easier for her, the school and for myself. So, I thought maybe now that she is a bit older it might be easier.

1. I am looking into the OmniPod, a rep is coming to see us on 2-8-2010.
A. I like that there is no tubing, Mattie always ripped hers out.
B. It is small
C. The insertion looks easier, and there is no guessing as to the 45 degree angle thing.
It looks like you have to fill it more frequently. Especially since she is in puberty and we are using more insulin.
Getting it to stay on.?

2. Animas
We already have a pump
We have all the supplies still
I am familiar with it, and wouldn't need a lot of training.

There are so many buttons to push and go through just to fix or give insulin
The tubing gets in the way.
Insertion is a bit difficult

I know that will ALL pumps there are good and bad things, but I would like your opinion and help. Please tell me ALL the bad and goods of what your kids are using or you are using. Maybe a pump still won't be the best option for her, and the insulin pen is the way to go?

I don't know, she just really wants to use a pump. It's her diabetes and I will let her choose.

So, please tell me about your pumps!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

I feel so bad that I have been NEGLECTING to blog...

I think I am just at peace for the time being. We had Mattie's doc appt and her A1C jumped to 9!!!

YEP, I thought we were going to throw up... The Doc said "Heidi, now don't get all stressed out and go on a war path, this is how it is when PUBERTY sets in. We have lots of highs, and than some lows. It is very unpredictable"

I think Puberty might just be a BAD WORD!!


What is a mother to do?

We made some changes and are just giving so much more insulin that at first TERRIFIED me.
Mattie is now getting:

Breakfast 1 for every 7 carbs
Lunch/snack 1 for every 10 carbs or 12 depending on the activity.
Dinner/snack 1 for every 10 carbs or 12 depending on the activity.
Bedtime/Lantus 26 units of insulin

OHHH, that is soo much. I was so scared to give her that much, but.... to my AMAZEMENT it was exactly what she needed.

During Puberty, girls produce estrogen and estradoil... so estrogen actually acts as a INSULIN REJECTOR. So, while girls are maturing they are producing so much ESTROGEN that when given insulin... the estrogen levels are so high, insulin doesn't take effect.
Nice to know, that I am not a LOSER, and failing Mattie's diabetes.

So, now we give more insulin so it will take in effect and we just monitor WAY CLOSE how she is reacting. Because, there are times when girls don't produce as much and then we have just given them so much more insulin... and yep


Mattie's endo will see her now every other month until she starts menstruating, than it is most likely every month. This is just to help regulate her blood sugars. He said this is a whole nother ball game to play.

BRING IT ON. Mattie hasn't quite got to a rebellious stage or denial... so, I am crossing my fingers that she doesn't and just stay focused on the little challenge of PUBERTY.
I am very fortunate to have grown up with a mom who was strong and enduring. Putting up with me as a teenager, she is a SAINT! So, Mattie and I get our strength and courage from her, and we LOVE IT.

Thanks MOM for helping me to be a good mom and a good person, with good values as:

I am now just scared of how it's going to be in Jr. High. I know they don't have time nor the memory to babysit her and make sure she is testing when supposed to or making sure she gave insulin.

That is my next challenge, LETTING GO. I know that at some point of this I have to let go just a bit and let her prove to me that she can be responsible for her diabetes.

Any thoughts or does any one know how Jr. High works, or how it is working for you??

Friday, December 4, 2009


So yesterday when I got off work around 3:30ish I called Mattie...

YEP... she tested her blood at 3:00 like she was supposed too. She was so proud of herself too, and so was I.

Mattie said " it feel so good when you do the right thing" The rest of the night she was very positive and motivated about her diabetes.

The hardest part for us now, is the PUBERTY....

It has hit and is very strange, no real pattern, so it has been hard to pinpoint a starting point to fix. We are just up testing during the night, and lots of tests during the day.

So far so good, she hasn't had any DENIAL issues, I hear a lot of people say that the kids go through that and they go through it hard. Mattie has faced it head on and just keeps her chin up, and strives forward. I hope this continues, I really don't want to fight with her about it.

I wonder how long it lasts?
I have heard puberty can last for up to 4 years!! Not sure though, her next endocrine appt is in January, and we will see then.

The other thing I have been pondering is,
"Do I give her too much responsibility?"

I am not sure if I give her too much or not enough.... If I give her more now, is it going to be a negative effect or a positive effect..... HMMMM