Friday, December 4, 2009


So yesterday when I got off work around 3:30ish I called Mattie...

YEP... she tested her blood at 3:00 like she was supposed too. She was so proud of herself too, and so was I.

Mattie said " it feel so good when you do the right thing" The rest of the night she was very positive and motivated about her diabetes.

The hardest part for us now, is the PUBERTY....

It has hit and is very strange, no real pattern, so it has been hard to pinpoint a starting point to fix. We are just up testing during the night, and lots of tests during the day.

So far so good, she hasn't had any DENIAL issues, I hear a lot of people say that the kids go through that and they go through it hard. Mattie has faced it head on and just keeps her chin up, and strives forward. I hope this continues, I really don't want to fight with her about it.

I wonder how long it lasts?
I have heard puberty can last for up to 4 years!! Not sure though, her next endocrine appt is in January, and we will see then.

The other thing I have been pondering is,
"Do I give her too much responsibility?"

I am not sure if I give her too much or not enough.... If I give her more now, is it going to be a negative effect or a positive effect..... HMMMM

Thursday, December 3, 2009

OOH Mattie

For that last FIVE years,
Mattie has been:

6am Test blood
9am Test blood
12pm Test blood
3pm Test blood
6pm Test blood
8pm Test blood

NONE of these testing times has EVER changed!!!

OOH, by my little Mattie thought that she could pull a fast one on me... HAHA
So, we started back to school on Monday, after Thanksgiving break...
I asked her what her blood sugar was @ 3.... DEAD SILENCE!!! HUH

OK, "Mattie it is important to test @ 3, that way when your walking home from school, you won't DROP!!!"

Mattie " OK, I will do it tomorrow"

Tomorrow came, and again NO TEST @ 3.....
So, this time I said " Mattie you know better, so if you don't test again before you leave from school, you will not have any computer time, cell phone time, or friends!!"

We ALWAYS have friends at our house, so I knew this would KILL HER!! sneaky huh?

SO, Wednesday... " Did you test" DEAD SILENCE AGAIN!!

Yep, I stuck to it!! She couldn't use computer, text ... she was miserable. She pouted all night long, and woos me, " i never get to have anything fun" Mattie asked me to call and remind her to test her blood. I explained to her that when she is at home, dad and I do all her diabetes, reminders, shots, drawing it up, going over numbers.... and the fact that she has already been doing this for years. There is no difference.

I know it must be so hard, it is hard on me to remember all that we have to do with her diabetes, and my own job, and then coming home and dinner, homework... laundry, shopping, cleaning... but Mattie we ALL JUST DO IT!! Being sad isn't going to change the time you test, it's not going to change your pancreas, it WON'T CHANGE ANYTHING. So, I told her have your moment, that is fine.. I don't blame you, but test when your supposed to so you can live a happy long life.

I told her that she is now 11 almost 12, going into Jr. High... and at some point whether she likes it or not,. she will have to be MORE RESPONSIBLE for her diabetes. I will ALWAYS be there and can help, but.. ultimately as a parent.. it is my job to teach her, and guide her.

Cute Mattie woke up this morning a bit high.. and she said,
"Well here is to another day, and I am lucky to have this day." OOHH I love her!!

I did threaten her too, I told her that if I had to quit my job, sell our house and follow her around school ALL DAY LONG, that I would in a heart beat. Just to make sure she is healthy. I get this umph from my mom!!

K, bye for now!! :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I feel like I have been lost!

Well, wow it is now December and X-MAS is just around the corner. I hope every one is enjoying the holidays.

We are, Mattie left on 11-20 to see her dad in Texas... Yep, I cried when she left on the plane..

She did good though, she tested before she got on and was 176.. PERFECT for flying. Then when she got off she was 218... not too bad.

Mattie spent a week with her dad and step mom and three little sisters. Lots of fun and playing. They did OK with her blood sugars, I feel that her step mom just doesn't think its a big deal.

On Thanksgiving Day Mattie feel off a GO Cart.. (Mattie is clumsy) and she fractured her wrist. Her dad called and told me, and I explained to him that she will spill Ketones and have high sugars. he said " well she is already been way high, so it will be OK"
Then her step mom said "why are you having all these highs"
Mattie said " well, anytime I have trauma to my body my sugars spike"
her step mom says " Mattie, your fracture has nothing to do with your blood sugars"

REALLY???? and you would know this HOW? UUUMMM HELLO!!!

It drives me absolutely BATTY when people say things like this. They do not do nor KNOW the things Mattie and I do. Mattie is SO AMAZING, and so smart.. she counts her own carbs, she has given her self her own shots since she was 6... she KNOWS how her body is acting, and what it will do.

Oh, well.. it's over and done with. One day I will get my chance to explain to them.

Mattie came home on 11-26 and I have her blood sugars back down to normal and things are going pretty good for her. I have to take her back in to have her wrist looked at.. I should have asked her dad to get me the paper work and x-rays... but, DUH I forgot.

It is still pretty swollen and sore, so we will check it out.

I want more than anything for Mattie to have a relationship with her dad and his family, but I don't want to share at the same time. UUGHHH

Other than that, we are doing good and getting ready for Santa to come to our house... and Santa is behind schedule... as always.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Oh Brohlen!

This cute little guy is Brohlen... aka Dennis the Menace!!

Brohlen just turned 4, and is full of life, he is cuddly and yet so independent.

Last night, we had Mattie's parent teacher conference, and she is doing great, her teacher said she is being very responsible with her diabetes and testing when she is supposed too.. YEAH Mattie!

Right after that all of us needed a hair cut, so dad, me, Mattie and Brohlen went and go our hair cut and then had to run to the grocery store... so it was getting late and we Mattie was @ 138 so we decided to get a quick hamburger and go home.

We got home and Mattie gave insulin while Brohlen was still dragging his feet to come in the house. While he is walking in the door, Mattie is taking a bite of her food, and he SCREAMS and starts crying, running to her..

I said "what is wrong"

Brohlen "Mattie didn't give a shot, and this is going to make her sick"

Me "Mattie gave a shot, and she will be fine, it's OK"

Brohlen "will she die?"

That made me sad, I hope Mattie doesn't think that. Kev and I had a talk with him and just explained that as a family we help Mattie give shots, test her blood and love her.. and that way Mattie will be just fine. He was good with that and on to the next big thing in his little life..


This is why Diabetes Awareness is so important! People need to be educated, and not AFRAID. People with diabetes shouldn't be afraid, nor embarrassed about who they are or what they need to do to take care of their lives. I am glad that I am a part of all this, and that my children have experiences with diabetes. Mattie is just the same, but eats a tad different then some!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dexcom, Is it worth it?

I was really wanting to try the DexCom, or the Seven Plus...

But, I am a little hesitant. I am not sure if it REALLY is worth the money.

I know when it comes to diabetes, MONEY shouldn't be an issue, nor should the trouble!!

So, I want to hear from diabetics/parents who have this or who tried it.. I really think that this would be a good thing for Mattie now, since she is as she says "Pre Teen" that means she can be mouthy, without getting into trouble. So she thinks !!

Mattie is experiencing highs, and then some real quick lows, and when she gets below 100 then she can trigger into epileptic seizures. Hopefully it can help her through this PUBERTY period.

So, PLEASE any ideas welcome!!

Oh, I am so thankful to have ALL of you for support and encouragement DAILY!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


It's now November and every one is making Thanksgiving plans, and hopefully being THANKFUL!!

There is so much in our daily lives to be thankful for, but I am going to have to say In a way I am Thankful for DIABETES!

I know, have I fallen and hit my head lately, or did some one pinch me to say this...

NO, diabetes has changed my life and not for the worse.

True, it has made some things difficult,
* Always testing
* Always worrying
* Stressful
* heartbreaking
* Sleepless nights
* Takes more time to get ready to eat
* Watching what they eat
* School
* Ketones
* Attitude
* Who they go with
* What babysitters they can have

With all these being said;
You would wonder why any one would be THANKFUL...

At the same time it has;
* Made Mattie stronger
* Kev and I stronger
* Our family closer
* Knowledge
* Hopeful
* Faith
* Healthy eating habits
* Friends
* Great support groups
* Fun camps
* They can live full and happy lives
* Cool bags to put supplies in
* Were ALIVE

I know that every one in life is faced with different challenges, and we ALL have some sort of obstacle we face. Mattie is a DIABETIC and EPILEPTIC. That's just how it is and we are taking the bull by the horns and showing it how its done.

I thank her everyday for her courage, and her bravery. I wouldn't want to give my self a shot 10 times a day, test a BILLION times a day. Mattie goes to the best school, and ALL the kids look after her, and she has taught them so much, about life and strength, and attitude.

Don't get me wrong, I have my TEMPER TANTRUM days, but with out ALL this in our lives;


Monday, November 9, 2009


Ok, so last night I got up at 3am, Mattie was at 153. that is a good number, she will probably drop a bit more.

I got her up at 6am, tested 248!!
MOM: "What"
MOM: "Did you wash your hands"
Mattie: "Yes, you heard me too"
MOM: " I know, but really you were just fine!!!!!"

Ok, so we are now doing 1/10 for breakfast so she had..

Kix 1 1/4 cup is 26 carbs x 2 (2 bowls of cereal)= 52 carbs
Milk 1 cup is 12 carbs= 12
Glucerna 1 bottle is 26 carbs=26
Total = 90/ 10 = 9
and to correct is 2 units
so added up it is 11 units of insulin.

so, at 6:30 she gave her insulin and then we wait 20 minutes to eat.

Mattie tested her blood again at 9:am


Yep 348!! SERIOUSLY.............. WHY, WHY, WHY!!!

Glucerna ??

Mattie and I are having a bit of a problem with CONSTANT HIGHS.
I test Mattie every night around 3am, like last night she was 153 3am. When I woke her up this morning at 6 am she was 248!!! REALLY
So, here is our schedule:
We test at 8:30 and make sure blood sugars are about 150 before bed time.
Test at 3am,
Wake up and test 6am
Mattie goes to school at 8
Test sugars again @ 9am (usually ALWAYS HIGH)
Test 12pm for lunch
Test 3pm before she leaves home from school
Test 5pm for dinner
Test by 8pm again.
We are testing sometimes in between these time, in cases of lows or EXTREME HIGHS.
Most of the time right now, we are just high. She is always running in the 200 + range, and I am frustrated.
I kept asking her if she may be sneaking some food, or she just didn't wash her hands before she tested.
Mattie is 11 and yes, going through PUBERTY, not easy for any kid, let alone a diabetic. I did read that puberty can make the blood sugars high, but ALWAYS and SO HIGH?
I am not sure of what else to try, I have adjusted her carb ratio's down, and too afraid to keep going down. We have changed her Lantus dose too. So, that is why I got Glucerna!
I am not sure if this stuff works, but I thought it would be worth the try, and maybe we could stop some of these HIGH'S.
Any thoughts???
Please HELP!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Over and moving on!

Halloween is now over!!
I dread Halloween sometimes, I know that is horrible to say.
I feel for Mattie, she shouldn't EAT the treats, the cakes, the donuts, drink the root beer,
so, where does that leave us, or the rest of my kids?
I want her to have all the
fun experiences I had, and the other kids have,
so, I have to be a little more relaxed
When her blood sugars are decent she can have
or When she is low a small treat is fine too!
Other than that
I buy her candy from her.
I think it's better to let her have the money
and she can go buy something she can use!
She likes this, and it's fun to go
SHOPPING!! (dad doesn't though)
Thanksgiving is next on the list!!
Yummy turkey, potatoes and salads galore.
Mattie is funny she like turkey, and the potatoes
that's all!!
The scary part is,
she is leaving me!
Mattie gets to spend Thanksgiving with
her dad in Texas.
She flies out on Nov. 20th and comes home
Nov 29th!!
I already miss her so much!
Her dad will do fine with her blood sugars,
he is a Fire Man out in Texas,
so she is in good hands!
I keep her blood sugar above 150
before she gets on the plane.
That way we don't dip down too low.
I still have SEVERE ANXIETY,
while she is gone,
I worry so much about her blood sugars,
her activity,
her health,
I just love her so much,
and want her to have a

Thursday, November 5, 2009

World Diabetes Day!!

I was browsing the Internet for Blogs on diabetes, or anything to help me gain more information, and just to ease my mind a little on some of the issues were going through.
I came across a wonderful blog: This woman's blog is fantastic!
Filled with so much information and links...
I came across the World Diabetes Day post. I had no idea that Diabetes had a month, and out of all months, it November!!
Where have I been, why don't I know these things?
Well, I do now. So, here it is Diabetes Day is on November 14th, 2009. This is to get awareness for diabetes, and support.
On Nov. 14, at 14:00 hours local time (2 pm wherever you are in the world), we’re asking thousands of people with diabetes to test their blood sugar, do 14 minutes of exercise, test again and then share their results online.

To break it down for you, at 2pm on Nov. 14, please do this:
1. Test your blood sugar.
2. Run, jog, walk the dog or do anything you’d normally do as part of your exercise routine for 14 minutes.
3. Test your blood sugar again.
4. Go online* and share your readings and what physical activity you did. If you have a camera, you can also add a photo of your reading(s) or you exercising.
5. If you have a Twitter account, you can also post your readings on Twitter (use the #bigbluetest hashtag) and link back to
This is fun and easy thing to do. I am so excited for this and for Mattie.
We went out and bought blue shirts for us ALL to wear, as well as blue ribbons to put on our trees out side too.
It still bothers me that I didn't know of these things, and I feel so lost in the world of "Diabetes".
I have thought a lot about starting a support group in my area, but, then I talk my self out of it.
I wonder?
Will any one come,
will they think I am lame,
what will we do,
what will I say??
Well, this is a start right, this blog will help me get connected with parents and diabetics and we can come together to find a cure, and try new things!
Thanks for visiting!

Friday, October 23, 2009


Welcome to our diabetes blog...

We are excited to have the opportunity to blog daily about Mattie's diabetes.
As a parent of a diabetic you know or will learn quickly how challenging this new life can be.

Mattisin was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes July of 2004, a year later she was diagnosed with Epilepsy. It has been a rough, and good five years so far.

I think the hardest part as a parent, is to WATCH your child take on such responsibilities.

Mattie and I encourage anyone to post comments, ideas or thoughts you may have.

Stay tuned!!