Friday, January 29, 2010

I feel so bad that I have been NEGLECTING to blog...

I think I am just at peace for the time being. We had Mattie's doc appt and her A1C jumped to 9!!!

YEP, I thought we were going to throw up... The Doc said "Heidi, now don't get all stressed out and go on a war path, this is how it is when PUBERTY sets in. We have lots of highs, and than some lows. It is very unpredictable"

I think Puberty might just be a BAD WORD!!


What is a mother to do?

We made some changes and are just giving so much more insulin that at first TERRIFIED me.
Mattie is now getting:

Breakfast 1 for every 7 carbs
Lunch/snack 1 for every 10 carbs or 12 depending on the activity.
Dinner/snack 1 for every 10 carbs or 12 depending on the activity.
Bedtime/Lantus 26 units of insulin

OHHH, that is soo much. I was so scared to give her that much, but.... to my AMAZEMENT it was exactly what she needed.

During Puberty, girls produce estrogen and estradoil... so estrogen actually acts as a INSULIN REJECTOR. So, while girls are maturing they are producing so much ESTROGEN that when given insulin... the estrogen levels are so high, insulin doesn't take effect.
Nice to know, that I am not a LOSER, and failing Mattie's diabetes.

So, now we give more insulin so it will take in effect and we just monitor WAY CLOSE how she is reacting. Because, there are times when girls don't produce as much and then we have just given them so much more insulin... and yep


Mattie's endo will see her now every other month until she starts menstruating, than it is most likely every month. This is just to help regulate her blood sugars. He said this is a whole nother ball game to play.

BRING IT ON. Mattie hasn't quite got to a rebellious stage or denial... so, I am crossing my fingers that she doesn't and just stay focused on the little challenge of PUBERTY.
I am very fortunate to have grown up with a mom who was strong and enduring. Putting up with me as a teenager, she is a SAINT! So, Mattie and I get our strength and courage from her, and we LOVE IT.

Thanks MOM for helping me to be a good mom and a good person, with good values as:

I am now just scared of how it's going to be in Jr. High. I know they don't have time nor the memory to babysit her and make sure she is testing when supposed to or making sure she gave insulin.

That is my next challenge, LETTING GO. I know that at some point of this I have to let go just a bit and let her prove to me that she can be responsible for her diabetes.

Any thoughts or does any one know how Jr. High works, or how it is working for you??


  1. Hi Heidi,

    We'll be where you're at in a few years. Puberty is just around the corner. Thnx for the information, I'm sure that it'll come in handy shortly.

    I'll also likely need to blow off some steam on my blog when the time comes...

    Keep up the good work !

  2. Thx for your comment on my blog!! I appreciate all the advice we've been given! I didn't know about your blog so now I have another kido to add to my blogger roll. I've heard lots of interesting things about puberty and T1...I'm very nervous to hit that in a few years. Glad I will have people who have gone through it to help and advise us!! Thanks again!

  3. Welcome back to blogland! :)

    I had no idea about estrogen....thanks for sharing that. Jessi will be doing this dance soon I'm sure, she's 9 and already changing (you can smell it).

    Mattie sounds responsible enough, should be relatively smooth. Your Endo sounds like a very smart person (duh...specialty) but to lay it all out like that and be pretty much dead on....makes things a little easier.

  4. sounds like you are hanging on there mom and doing an excellent job I think all moms who deal with this at any time in our lives are awesome and we do keep it all together and we are a force to be reckoned with . Look out world here comes another d mom so to speak .

  5. J starts Jr. High next year and has begun the pubery roller coaster too. I have a friend who just did the Jr. High thing with her son. She said I needed to turn in my 504, and then they schedule a meeting with all his teachers together. (Most of which don't want to be there, and don't care.) She then gave them a cheat sheet, things to look out for...and a box of low supplies to keep in each class. Even though she is pretty sure everything went in one ear and out the other, she did what she could and her boy made it through! The PE teacher is the one you need the most contact with. Good luck! If you find out anything more I should know, pass it on...I'm so nervous about the whole thing!

  6. ((HUGS)) to you! I'm watching closely all you moms (and dads) who are dealing with the puberty thing. I know it's several years out yet, but the more I can learn before it comes, the better!
    By the way...welcome back....missed your blog! :)


    I hope there's a cure for puberty if there isn't a cure for diabetes when it's my turn.

    Welcome back :)