Monday, February 1, 2010

Insulin Pumps??

I am looking into insulin pumps.

A couple of years ago Mattie was able to get on a pump, and her doctor got us all hooked up w/and Animas rep. The rep came to my house and sat with Mattie and I for about an hour, and then we were on our own.

It was like being newly diagnosed again... I put the pump on her and we monitored her. A few times of changing the sights we noticed Mattie would swell at her insertion sites. So, I just watched it and thought when I take her to her appt we will ask about the swelling. In the meantime Mattie has SEVERE highs and then Lows. She would crash so fast, than it would trigger her Epilepsy and was a NIGHTMARE!

The school was terrified as well as I. Went to the doc, and he said that "Yes, she can have infections develop in the sites, and sometimes the cannula can get kinked inside." He mentioned that it is a hard time to adjust and get used to the pump. SO, we stuck w/it and we had TWO episodes of DKA.. and hospital visits.

So, I said no more. I really felt negative about the pumps, and thought how in the world does every one else do it. I started asking around and heard that some people say they have had a hard time w/pumps and some say they were just fine. I guess it was just US?

Mattie is starting Jr. High, and I want to make things easier for her, the school and for myself. So, I thought maybe now that she is a bit older it might be easier.

1. I am looking into the OmniPod, a rep is coming to see us on 2-8-2010.
A. I like that there is no tubing, Mattie always ripped hers out.
B. It is small
C. The insertion looks easier, and there is no guessing as to the 45 degree angle thing.
It looks like you have to fill it more frequently. Especially since she is in puberty and we are using more insulin.
Getting it to stay on.?

2. Animas
We already have a pump
We have all the supplies still
I am familiar with it, and wouldn't need a lot of training.

There are so many buttons to push and go through just to fix or give insulin
The tubing gets in the way.
Insertion is a bit difficult

I know that will ALL pumps there are good and bad things, but I would like your opinion and help. Please tell me ALL the bad and goods of what your kids are using or you are using. Maybe a pump still won't be the best option for her, and the insulin pen is the way to go?

I don't know, she just really wants to use a pump. It's her diabetes and I will let her choose.

So, please tell me about your pumps!!


  1. Addy started pumping with Cozmo when she was 3 and we haven't ever had any trouble with the tubing.

    I will say that our transition wasn't easy. She didn't end up in DKA, but mainly because I was doing site changes about every 36 hours. We were using the Cleo infusion set at the time and switched to the Animas Inset. It's been about 3 years with the Inset and we rarely need to do a site change less than every 3 days.

    It took a solid 3 months before I felt like I wasn't going to throw the pump out the window. Over time I grew to love her pump and was devastated when Deltec announced they were going out of business.

    After Deltec's announcement, we switched to the Animas Ping. I never thought I could love another pump...but I was wrong.

    We love the Ping :)

    I will say that I wanted to switch to OmniPod. My only issue with OmniPod is the lack of an Insulin On Board (IOB) feature for carb boluses. It only keeps track of IOB for corrections.

    Addy used to have HORRIFIC lows...pass out, hit her head, combative, biting, confused LOWS that would usually happen in the 60's. I solely attribute our ability to stop them due to the fact that I was able to check her blood sugar and know how much active insulin was in her system at any given moment. That information allowed me to treat impending lows accordingly.

    When we were switching pumps, I BEGGED Insulet to consider changing their IOB feature. I rec'd a letter back stating that they had no plans to do so. OmniPod would continue to only keep track of active insulin for corrections and not carbs. I PLEADED with them to re-consider, but they were adamant that they would not.

    I was devastated. IOB is s dealbreaker for me. I just couldn't risk the possibility of going back to those terrifying lows...I NEED an accurate tally of how much active insulin Addy has in her system in order to manage her safely.

  2. Just to let you know I cant wear the pump at all because of my allergies to the adhesive and it seems that I have a plastic allergy as well . It is okay with me cause I have been with shots since I was 16 and now at 49 it does not make a difference . It is not anyones fault if you cannot deal with the pump I also dont have insurance and even if I did I would really have to weigh the pros and cons . So please know it is nothing you or mattie did it just sucks sometimes and you and mattie are terrific .

  3. We are going with the Minimed because we have's the only one our Dr. will prescribe. I blogged about it a couple of weeks ago. My first choice would have been the Animas ping, but I'm really okay with the's a great pump with lots of good support and...we can get it in pink! :D

    My issue with the Omnipod is the same as Wendy's. Maybe if Jada were older it wouldn't be a big deal, but as it stands right now, she often doesn't feel her lows until she is REALLY in the 30's and 40's. I LOVE the idea of the pod and someday, we'll be there.

    Excited for you and Mattie as you begin this journey again!

  4. I'm sorry that I will not be able to help you in your decision making, we don't pump yet. However all the information that you are receiving is a great help to us in trying to think when and what kind would work out best for us. SO THANKS!! and thanks everyone else for answering :)

  5. We don't pump yet either but we are getting ready to start. I've been working with the OmniPod rep and a local family that has a little girl Nate's age that is on the Pod. They love it and so far we do too. Note - we are only wearing right now - there is no insulin in the pod. I just needed to be sure Nate would wear it before we make any decisions.

    I posted a pic of him wearing it on Facebook but I will post one on my blog too. I wore it for 3 days and that sucker doesn't move.

    We are looking at the Ping next because we have heard great things about it.

    I love that the pod is tubeless and that has me so excited that I am really having to stay focused on wanting to look at the Ping. I trust my fellow D-moms so I am looking at all of my options.

    Our training class is 2/9 and I hope to make a decision at that time.

    Good luck to you ---

  6. Hi! My name is Wendy and my little guy was diagnosed about a month before his 3rd b-day. I stumbled on your blog from other d moms that i follow. I hope you dont mind :) I just wanted to say that we have been using the Animas pump for almost the whole time Avery has had diabetes and we love it. The omni pod sounds pretty nice too and when he gets a bit older I think we'll try it out. For now our Dr. wants us to stick with what we've been using. Good luck! You guys will do great!