Friday, November 13, 2009

Oh Brohlen!

This cute little guy is Brohlen... aka Dennis the Menace!!

Brohlen just turned 4, and is full of life, he is cuddly and yet so independent.

Last night, we had Mattie's parent teacher conference, and she is doing great, her teacher said she is being very responsible with her diabetes and testing when she is supposed too.. YEAH Mattie!

Right after that all of us needed a hair cut, so dad, me, Mattie and Brohlen went and go our hair cut and then had to run to the grocery store... so it was getting late and we Mattie was @ 138 so we decided to get a quick hamburger and go home.

We got home and Mattie gave insulin while Brohlen was still dragging his feet to come in the house. While he is walking in the door, Mattie is taking a bite of her food, and he SCREAMS and starts crying, running to her..

I said "what is wrong"

Brohlen "Mattie didn't give a shot, and this is going to make her sick"

Me "Mattie gave a shot, and she will be fine, it's OK"

Brohlen "will she die?"

That made me sad, I hope Mattie doesn't think that. Kev and I had a talk with him and just explained that as a family we help Mattie give shots, test her blood and love her.. and that way Mattie will be just fine. He was good with that and on to the next big thing in his little life..


This is why Diabetes Awareness is so important! People need to be educated, and not AFRAID. People with diabetes shouldn't be afraid, nor embarrassed about who they are or what they need to do to take care of their lives. I am glad that I am a part of all this, and that my children have experiences with diabetes. Mattie is just the same, but eats a tad different then some!


  1. exactly and brohlen just got scared like my manny did when jack and I had to give ourselves shots . Manny would look away and he used to get white as a sheet and I used to grin about it . Jack thought it was funny to shake up little brother not cool though . Glad to see someone else is having sibling issues as I did .

  2. That is so sweet but sad - - - I think you handled that so well. It is a serious disease but if managed properly WE will all be ok. My children are a little too young to know how serious it is but my girls always make sure we check Nate's "sugar" before we eat anything. It's so sweet.