Friday, February 5, 2010


Hey my dear friends,

Are any of you on Facebook? If so how can I find you ?

Any way... I didn't get to watch the Oprah show yesterday... totally sad about that.
Unfortunately I have to work, every stinky day...

I work Mon-Friday 7am to 3:30... and it's day's like today when I feel like a HORRIBLE parent.

WHY, you ask

Mattie was up all night long w/Ketones and high sugars. Her legs and feet are really swollen too.
So, when Mattie is up all night long, so is MOMMY and DADDY... we try to take turns in helping her out, w/testing and testing ketones. We are big COMMUNICATORS at my house, so all three of us last night were discussing options and how's and whys... then Mr. Brohlen.. decided to run a small fever.

So, now here I am feeling sorry for myself because, I AM AT WORK!!!

I am sooo tired, stressed and have severe anxiety. I have to leave and come to work and have Mattie fend for herself.

Yes, I do have FMLA... but, my BOSS who is a not very nice word... DOESN'T UNDERSTAND

Like most peeps we know in America. Not that its her fault, but she just thinks that it's easy and no big deal. It is a big deal, its my child, my life, Mattie is my entire world... I function with her and would not function with out her. When our kids hurt we hurt with them. I have ofter prayed to get diabetes, then I would better understand and Mattie wouldn't be alone.

My boss makes comments like:

"its always something isn't Heidi"
rolls her eyes at me
One time I called her and said Mattie was extremely high Julie said " Whatever" and hu on me. She makes me feel like a bad parent for wanting to take care of my child. She has told me that Mattie's is old enough now that she needs to start being more responsible and to take care of her self, and be more active in her care.

REALLY?? I know my hair went up in flames at that moment. How dare she say such a thing to me, how dare she think Mattie doesn't do enough...

Julie has healthy happy and cute girls, she has no idea what it's like to be a diabetic and a diabetic going through puberty or life in general.

She is heartless and mean... and I am going to have to stand up to her, I guess I just don't know how to. My mom is terrific.. and very understanding, and she has a job that can allow her to help if need be, so it's nice to know I can still call my MOMMY when I need her and she will in a heartbeat, pick up my princess and take care of her. My family is good w/Mattie and they take her and have fun w/her and they have learned w/us all along the way.. See big communicators!

OK, I am done... I have lots to be grateful for, and lots of love... I just feel like I am the only mom that has to work and I had a pity party. MOVING ON!!
Sorry for the temper tantrum. Hope you will let me be your friend on facebook... oh Mattie is a cute facebooker too!


  1. Sorry you had a rough night! But yes a TON of us are on face book! Just search and I'll hook you up! :)

  2. Do you need me to go and pick up Mattie and bring her to school with me???

  3. Oh wow what an as*hole Bit*h of a boss you have . You need to go over her head if possible and please remind her of the family leave act and she cannot fire you for taking care of your child and if she does you can sue and own that company . I would just give her a look and say Yes it is something and let me tell you what it is and then go off on her like your hair is on fire . I once had a boss like that and they fired me and guess what the big bosses asked me to come back and I simply told them no because I would not work with someone like him ever again . I now know I could have sued them and sitting pretty now . Oh well we live and we learn . I wish you luck dealing with her and sorry crappy day . Oh i am on face book at catsmeow1961.

  4. I'm not going to say what I think of your boss right now. It isn't appropriate..esp. if Mattie reads I'll leave it at this...

    Glad you found us on FB. We totally understand the need to have every right to. Your boss is know.

  5. Majority of people never understand until, or
    if, something happens to them or a loved one.

    Compassion is a dying word and compassionate people are few and far between.

    You're doing the best with what you've been dealt, and your family knows it and loves you for it! Chin up.

  6. Oh, Heidi. I SO know. I have written more than one post or fb rant on this subject. My boss is ok, it's just working that sucks. I feel so torn. It's so hard. I never wanted to stay home - but boy, I sure do now. Everything changes after dx. EVRYTHING. I hate being torn in two, feeling like I'm doing a crappy job at everything. I get it. I understand. You are welcome to vent to me ANYTIME!
    I'm so sorry your boss is such a dweeb. People just don't get it. But you know, what goes around comes around...karma...all of that. SOMEDAY she will need some grace. And just maybe she will realize how hurtful her behavior has been. Maybe not - but we can HOPE!
    Thank God for parents! :)
    luv ya! Glad to have found you on facebook! ;)

  7. Bosses like that suck :( I had one who went around my back and asked doctor friends how they thought I "should" be acting, not knowing me or my self-care routine at all. And then he had the nerve to suggest it was ME with the problem, not his illegal activity!

    Hang in there!

  8. Great blog! You mentioned FMLA and I for whatever reason forgot about it. I may check into that at work. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

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