Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Injection Sites

The first day we brought Mattie home from the hospital she insisted on doing ALL of it by herself. I was proud and sad at the same time. We decided that it's her body and she can and we will just watch her and how she does it.

So, she has been doing her own injections, testing, ketones, everything. Every once in a while I will just do it for her, but for the most part she is very ACTIVE in her diabetes. We do have the occasional TEMPER TANTRUM... and the I just don't want to's....

I noticed on her belly that she has a weird little bulge... at first I thought oh PUBERTY... you pack on the pounds for the other fun stuff, but the closer I looked I realized it is scar tissue.

Mattie hasn't been rotating her injection shots. Yeah.. MOM and DAD good eye.. oh were nerds.
Instead of getting mad, I asked her " When your at school where do you do your shots?"
she said " In my belly, it's the easiest and then I don't have to leave class"


I explained to her how important it is to change the sites...
♦ When rotating sites you don't develop the scar tissue,
♦ less bruising,
♦ when you do it in a diff spot, the absorption is better.
♦ when you do it in your belly and the EXACT spot over and over... your injecting into the scar tissue and it is taking your body longer to react to the insulin.

This could explain some of the HIGHS we have been dealing with, but not ALL.
We decided on a pattern to use,

Breakfast: Belly... it has the fastest absorption and she prob won't spike.
Lunch: Arm, either one is fine. She can still give it in class.
Dinner: Leg...
Lantus: Bumm!!!

Snacks.. the alternating leg and arm. Poor thing had forgotten all about changing her sites. It's always good to refresh our memories. We get into such routines or habits that we don't even notice.

Does any know if the scar tissue ever goes away?

I am hoping with time it will, but if not... that's just who she is and we still LOVE HER!


  1. Yup, it does go away. J's butt cheeks were AWFUL! from years and years of shots. (He was diagnosed at 8 months.) His butt was even deformed looking for awhile. :( But now, it is completly back to normal!

  2. I asked the doc.. they said it does, but it takes a while.
    Good for you for not getting mad. I hope that when Justin get more involved with his stuff I can handle things as calmly as this :)
    Good job mom!!

  3. yes it does i have had this nasty disease since being 16 and am now 49 and have had to do mdis this whole time and yes it does go away but takes about a yr . so tell her to keep changing sites or it will never go away . if you told her I said so she will think just some old fart telling me this ,LOL !!!! Good luck and god bless.

  4. Great way to handle the situation! You did good mom. What a great little girl too be so independent!

  5. We have never done Cara's tummy only her arms, legs and bum. We ourselves get suck on her tush. Her arms and legs she complains and you have to move all her clothes out of the way. With the bum we just turn her over and there it is....nice and easy and no yelling. Then we notice the bumps and bruises and start to rotate again.

    She is not the only one, and way to handle the situation mom!! you ROCK!!

  6. What a brave girl to do it on her own. I love hearing stuff like that and I hope we can teach Avery how to be just as independent when he gets older!

  7. Alivia will ONLY let us do her arms! No scar tissue yet, I keep asking to do it in other places but she just offers her arm and instead of fighting we just go with it. Hope one day (very soon) she offers up another body part!
    It's so great that Mattie likes to take care of herself!

  8. We actually noticed Elise's arms started looking swollen, and when we mentioned it to the endo, she said it's very common. There's a name for it, but I can't remember what it is. Basically the insulin likes fat and will store itself in there, making the site appear swollen (That's my non-technical explanation). We've stopped using her arms so much and it's slowly but surely going away.