Tuesday, November 10, 2009


It's now November and every one is making Thanksgiving plans, and hopefully being THANKFUL!!

There is so much in our daily lives to be thankful for, but I am going to have to say In a way I am Thankful for DIABETES!

I know, have I fallen and hit my head lately, or did some one pinch me to say this...

NO, diabetes has changed my life and not for the worse.

True, it has made some things difficult,
* Always testing
* Always worrying
* Stressful
* heartbreaking
* Sleepless nights
* Takes more time to get ready to eat
* Watching what they eat
* School
* Ketones
* Attitude
* Who they go with
* What babysitters they can have

With all these being said;
You would wonder why any one would be THANKFUL...

At the same time it has;
* Made Mattie stronger
* Kev and I stronger
* Our family closer
* Knowledge
* Hopeful
* Faith
* Healthy eating habits
* Friends
* Great support groups
* Fun camps
* They can live full and happy lives
* Cool bags to put supplies in
* Were ALIVE

I know that every one in life is faced with different challenges, and we ALL have some sort of obstacle we face. Mattie is a DIABETIC and EPILEPTIC. That's just how it is and we are taking the bull by the horns and showing it how its done.

I thank her everyday for her courage, and her bravery. I wouldn't want to give my self a shot 10 times a day, test a BILLION times a day. Mattie goes to the best school, and ALL the kids look after her, and she has taught them so much, about life and strength, and attitude.

Don't get me wrong, I have my TEMPER TANTRUM days, but with out ALL this in our lives;



  1. I agree....everyone has a journey. I'm okay with this one :)

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog... and thanks for this post. It helps to see in black and white all that I should be thankful for.

    I hope it's okay if I add you to my blog list!

  3. NIce post! Thanks for sharing your perspective and thanks for your comments on my blog!!