Thursday, November 5, 2009

World Diabetes Day!!

I was browsing the Internet for Blogs on diabetes, or anything to help me gain more information, and just to ease my mind a little on some of the issues were going through.
I came across a wonderful blog: This woman's blog is fantastic!
Filled with so much information and links...
I came across the World Diabetes Day post. I had no idea that Diabetes had a month, and out of all months, it November!!
Where have I been, why don't I know these things?
Well, I do now. So, here it is Diabetes Day is on November 14th, 2009. This is to get awareness for diabetes, and support.
On Nov. 14, at 14:00 hours local time (2 pm wherever you are in the world), we’re asking thousands of people with diabetes to test their blood sugar, do 14 minutes of exercise, test again and then share their results online.

To break it down for you, at 2pm on Nov. 14, please do this:
1. Test your blood sugar.
2. Run, jog, walk the dog or do anything you’d normally do as part of your exercise routine for 14 minutes.
3. Test your blood sugar again.
4. Go online* and share your readings and what physical activity you did. If you have a camera, you can also add a photo of your reading(s) or you exercising.
5. If you have a Twitter account, you can also post your readings on Twitter (use the #bigbluetest hashtag) and link back to
This is fun and easy thing to do. I am so excited for this and for Mattie.
We went out and bought blue shirts for us ALL to wear, as well as blue ribbons to put on our trees out side too.
It still bothers me that I didn't know of these things, and I feel so lost in the world of "Diabetes".
I have thought a lot about starting a support group in my area, but, then I talk my self out of it.
I wonder?
Will any one come,
will they think I am lame,
what will we do,
what will I say??
Well, this is a start right, this blog will help me get connected with parents and diabetics and we can come together to find a cure, and try new things!
Thanks for visiting!

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