Monday, November 9, 2009


Ok, so last night I got up at 3am, Mattie was at 153. that is a good number, she will probably drop a bit more.

I got her up at 6am, tested 248!!
MOM: "What"
MOM: "Did you wash your hands"
Mattie: "Yes, you heard me too"
MOM: " I know, but really you were just fine!!!!!"

Ok, so we are now doing 1/10 for breakfast so she had..

Kix 1 1/4 cup is 26 carbs x 2 (2 bowls of cereal)= 52 carbs
Milk 1 cup is 12 carbs= 12
Glucerna 1 bottle is 26 carbs=26
Total = 90/ 10 = 9
and to correct is 2 units
so added up it is 11 units of insulin.

so, at 6:30 she gave her insulin and then we wait 20 minutes to eat.

Mattie tested her blood again at 9:am


Yep 348!! SERIOUSLY.............. WHY, WHY, WHY!!!


  1. Hi! Welcome to the D Mom circuit :)

    My daughter is 6...dx in 2005 at the age of 24 months. She also has celiac disease.

    I hear ya, Sista, on the WHY WHY WHY!!!?!??!?!?!??

    Stinkin' disease.

  2. yes I would loved to be added to your blog roll~ I enjoyed reading about your little girl!! I am still in the new of this disease but my sugar is never stable, I guess it's kinda that way for most of us T1's . Well I really have no clue but I am tryin to learn. Kids like your little girl inspire me!!