Friday, November 6, 2009

Over and moving on!

Halloween is now over!!
I dread Halloween sometimes, I know that is horrible to say.
I feel for Mattie, she shouldn't EAT the treats, the cakes, the donuts, drink the root beer,
so, where does that leave us, or the rest of my kids?
I want her to have all the
fun experiences I had, and the other kids have,
so, I have to be a little more relaxed
When her blood sugars are decent she can have
or When she is low a small treat is fine too!
Other than that
I buy her candy from her.
I think it's better to let her have the money
and she can go buy something she can use!
She likes this, and it's fun to go
SHOPPING!! (dad doesn't though)
Thanksgiving is next on the list!!
Yummy turkey, potatoes and salads galore.
Mattie is funny she like turkey, and the potatoes
that's all!!
The scary part is,
she is leaving me!
Mattie gets to spend Thanksgiving with
her dad in Texas.
She flies out on Nov. 20th and comes home
Nov 29th!!
I already miss her so much!
Her dad will do fine with her blood sugars,
he is a Fire Man out in Texas,
so she is in good hands!
I keep her blood sugar above 150
before she gets on the plane.
That way we don't dip down too low.
I still have SEVERE ANXIETY,
while she is gone,
I worry so much about her blood sugars,
her activity,
her health,
I just love her so much,
and want her to have a

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  1. Welcome to the Diabetes- OC! I've found some amazing support here- we all "get it"!
    Wow....she'll be gone for a good while...I can imagine how stressed out you must be! I stress being gone from Jada for more than an hour or two! I'm sure all be well...sounds like you have some experience in this department!
    Looking forward to getting to know you!